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Het meeste nieuws over mij en mijn honden staat op facebook. Stuur mij een vriendschapsverzoek om op de hoogte te blijven.




First place


Lotus 1st place jumping!•••
On our first grade 3 competition! 


3 First places


In one word PROUD! 
3 First places today at IFCS competition




Just a photo!!


All Breeds Cup 2014


We have a winner!! ••• Xzirra wins the jumping individual @ IABC !!!


Lotus 1st place

And now with 3 First places promotion to grade 3 !!!


Lotus @ National Championships 

I came with no illusions, and I didn't think we would make it so far. First we made it true the pre selecties, what give us a ticket to start on the real "NK". On the first course we ended in 2th place in jumpers, so we have to start in agility as second last. I was really calm (compared to last year) We had a great start, but then she missed the A-frame (some said she didn't) but the judge couldn't see it. but I didn't know that. From the side of the ring, I heard that we didn't get the fault (thank you for that) soooo went on with full power. On obstacle20, only 3 obstacle to go, I get really nervous and called Lotus too hard, it was just a straight line .. she came in and took the jump from the wrong side. But heeeey WTF she is only 2 years old, and then shows this .... She really surprised me and I promise I will not complain anymore....she is my little CHAMPION !!! 


WAO (World Agility Open) Italy 2014

Back home again after 2 fantastic weeks of agility IFCS WAC & WAO Italy!! Met old agility friends, made new agility friends. Enjoyed the high level of competition, the nice weather, the beach, and Italy!! WAOwwww what a great event, it made me feel like a real champ. Xzirra was brilliant 6 out of 8 runs were clear!! By one stupid mistake of myself, we didn't make it to the penthalon finals. In games, we missed the last 7 points in snooker, gamblers was great, and still ended at 15th overall !! In biatlon final we had to go for all or nothing, what resulted in a contact fault and 1 bar down, but I'm sooooo happy with her time .... Xzirra is my World Champion she has worked her ass off for me 


WAC (World Agility Championships) 2014

Back home after a great World Agility Championships (IFCS) 2014!!
What a great agility competition. Great to watch so many good handler with their brilliant dogs from all over the world. And jeeeezzz we were one of them,and I enjoyed each round, double !! Because I wasn’t sure for a while if we could compete, because Xzirra had an injury, which was worse than I thought. Because of the poor preparation, we didn’t do it very good (some stupid mistakes from the both of us). So only 3 clear runs!! were we ended in a 7th and 11th place and one in the team relay. But what the heck .... we were there and Xzirra did great and I know for sure she is perfectly fine... So our new adventure can begin, tomorrow we will leave for a trip to the WORLD AGILITY OPEN in ITALIE, where Xzirra and I will compete as a wildcard competitor. 


Lotus selected voor M.A.C.


OMG just read that we have selected us for Master Agility Cup Emmendingen!!


Lotus won the jumping today!


I'm sooo proud of my little brown monster. And for the selection of the "National Championships teams" for our XOD'S team a clearrun today and last week Lotus won the agility course !!!



Lotus won the agility today 

first point for 3th grade is in-da-pocket. And we have a "ticket" to participate at the national championships and the Masters!! 


Xzirra is going to WAO


A big dream come true today Xzirra is going to WAO (World Agility Open) in Italy!! May 2014

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